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What is Non-Euclidean Feelings?

Euclid was an ancient Greek mathematician who defined the rules for creating and proving geometric shapes. A Euclidean shape is one that can be derived from Euclid’s rules, which would describe any normal 3d shape. For a shape to be non-Euclidean, a straight line would seem to bend in or away from where a Euclidean straight line would go. Here is a cool example in a video game engine.

When applying this concept to feelings, I imagine feelings bending into each other, as if each thought would typically be on it’s own separate parallel line. With that in mind, the album explores feelings of joy, happiness and excitement as they diverge away from their Euclidean reference lines, and become a new mixture of emotion from another plane.

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Hous3 (Mitch Jaehrlich) is a Canadian producer who creates music of many genres and loves them all.