YouTube playlist of the music videos for The Dreaming City

About The Dreaming City

The Dreaming City is the latest album from Canadian electronic music producer Hous3. The focus of this album is on the places our dreams take us, whether good or bad. Tape players and vinyl static will be heard throughout the album as if the dreams were recorded. Otherwise while listening you will hear some harder electronic music, with relaxing piano, and guitar. All these styles contrast each other throughout the record, describing the chaos of a dream, weaving relaxation and excitement.

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Audio Engineering Techniques

I also record some of the techniques and thoughts on creating music in my audio engineering and production blog. Learn about some of the effects used in The Dreaming City and other albums by Hous3.

About Hous3

Hous3 (Mitch Jaehrlich) is a Canadian producer who creates music of many genres and loves them all

Videos of The Dreaming City

Creating 6 unique music videos that accomplishes the goal of entertaining and immersing the audience, with an unheard soundscape, can be daunting. Through learning Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D, then pushing my computer to it’s limit’s, everything came out on time and looking great. View on YouTube.